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Weekend Report Java Kai Hanalei From Daniel


Java Kai Hanalei HI Photo Courtesy of the Internet

A subscriber to this coffee blog writes:
Just though I’d drop a line to Mr Coffee for no particular reason other than I just got back from Hanalei, Kauai, perhaps the happiest place on earth. That’s right, it ain’t Disneyland.

My all time favorite coffee shop is Java Kai. Love this place. Blair Estate Kona is out of this world. Coconut milk instead of cream. If ya ever hit the neighborhood…..


Editor’s Note:

Daniel is an attorney who is a certified specialist in family law and one of the best attorneys I know of. His area of expertise is fraught with emotion, and strife. Any rest this guy takes is more than well deserved. I am glad to see he was taking a break…a coffee break. His unsolicited weekend report from Java Kai is a great reminder that vacation and coffee are a great combination.

Thank you, Daniel!


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