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Will Work for Coffee

stumptown Indo

Stump Indo

My wife left me and went away to Portland. I watched the kids.

My labor rates are cheap. Simply pay me what I am owed. I demand coffee. My contract requires that you go to several coffee stops in Portland. It further states that you buy me 1 pound sacks of beans, grab all the brochures, and graphics so that I can study not only the coffee; but the marketing as well.

So when Jen goes away, she treats me right. She buys me coffee from Stumptown and Ristretto Roasters. I mean this is pretty nice, I know it’s not a Rapha Jersey, or a Vanilla but I look forward to these selections.

This time the coffee gift was among other things Stumptown Coffee Roasters Indonesia Gajah Aceh Peaberry Organic.

I am not a real fan of Indos, but thought I would give it a try. She told me that she asked the barista if they had a good single origin espresso, and this is what he sold her. He said he didn’t really care for Indos, but this was an exception.

I thought OK. I will pull a shot on the La Pavoni.

Surprisingly the end result was a creamy-smooth mouthfeel, like a banana. When it flowed slow from the spouts like honey, and displayed the color (pre crema) of dark chocolate I knew it was special. That is one of the great benefits of a manual machine, you can feel the pour, and manipulate it to your liking. It also did well via Chemex brewing.

I could taste grapefruit notes, and it had a long aftertaste of citrus and grapefruit.

In my opinion, this is one of those roasts that makes it to the number one priority in my coffee supply. It is one of those roasts that cause me to look in the bag, and worry that the supply is running out. You put the other beans on hold, and that causes more distress because the freshness clock is ticking away on what you were pulling before, and you tell yourself that your going to finish this 1 pound bag before you drink anything else.

These beans are Tip Top.

Thank you Jen!


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