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The Evils of Drinking Espresso “To Go”

Nestled Cups

“Avoid To Go”

The first thing a seeker of good coffee can do to improve the taste experience of the bean is to cease from drinking, “to go,” in a paper cup.

Paper, makes a great surface for writing, but a lousy vehicle for delivering the flavor of a good espresso and coffee. Although espresso was designed by the Italians to speed up the brew process by subjecting the grind to steam and pressure, eliminate this phrase from your ordering mantra. Simply end your order with, “in ceramic please.”

When I am waiting in line I make sure there are cups nestled in the heating tray of the espresso machine. If I don’t see this I walk out. If the Barista forgets to extract into a ceramic cup, I politely ask (without attitude or anger) for them to pull another shot with ceramic. During extraction the espresso needs a heated ceramic cup, a good ceramic cup, a thick ceramic cup. You don’t want to shock the coffee, or insult the entire coffee supply chain of farmer, importer, and roaster, by pouring the extraction into a paper cup.

In the U.S., at least, we live in a world where the myth of convenience is one of the highest virtues. It is sad indeed to observe the ubiquitous Starbucks consumer drinking mobile from their SUV, with a large paper cup glued to the hand, which is glued to the steering wheel. While convenience may deliver a coffee product quickly, and does provide the paper to litter the highways, it can’t deliver on taste.

So please, with a cherry on top, ask for ceramic.

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