Yes! Blue Bottle Gelato Ala Hayes Valley Style

Just as Bud Fox in the movie Wall Street was the, “twelfth man on the deal team and last to know,” I had no idea that Naia, my gelato hang out, had partnered up with James Freeman at Blue Bottle to create some Blue Bottle espresso. Such ignorance is a sure sign that I have been working way too much to enjoy my favorite addictions. Imagine my surprise when my wife comes back from a gelato run and asks, “guess what flavor they have? Blue Bottle!”

I was so shocked I quit watching T.V.  I looked in amazement. This is big. Just like the real thing, the creamy mixture has caffeine,  as the basis of this great treat is cold-brewed Hayes Valley espresso blend.

Let it rest just under the tongue, and dissolve into espresso delight. Please note that the photo below is half Blue Bottle, and half TCHO chocolate -the other new flavor at Naia. If you don’t know about TCHO, then you don’t know! However, that is a post unto itself.

Let’s hope a single origin spro is on the way!




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